TumblingAcademy (Boys and Girls)

"You'll Believe You Can Fly"

The built-in enjoyment of trampoline disguises the amount of energy being utilized, and the genuine fitness benefits like cardiovascular health, leg and core strength, calorie burning and weight loss. And there is no better activity than trampoline to develop a child’s spatial awareness, which is a critical element in all sports, and enhances cognitive development.

This class safely introduces children to the basic concepts of Trampoline and Tumbling. Boys and girls are welcomed to attend this program. All classes are split in two age groups: White 6-9 y.o. and Red, ages 10 and up. Program offers a Blue class for students who have round off back handspring.

We expand a child's horizon by making every class challenging for all ages and abilities. We create a love for the activity by combining fun with learning. In this way, student's progress to the technical stage of instruction at their own natural pace.

Multiple classes and sibling’s discounts.