Introducing TEG Recreation Program... #TEG4LIFE

A place where kids LOVE to ACHIEVE a HEALTHIER mental, physical, and emotional LIFESTYLE!

Even though TEG has high-level, competitive gymnastics and tumbling teams, we believe that EVERY child should be allowed the DREAM of being an athlete. Our emphasis is not on the fastest, the strongest, or the best, but on the adventure of growing and learning. We use gymnastics achievements to inspire your child to enjoy this process.

A HAPPY CHILD IS A LEARNING CHILD! At TEG, we believe that physical education should be an integral part of children’s lives, and for kids to embrace it, it must be CHALLENGING, it must be INTRIGUING, and it must be FUN!

We’re not just about “gymnastics” or “cartwheels”. At TEG, our actual product is a healthier mental, physical and emotional lifestyle for your child. Through this approach, at TEG your child will learn:

PHYSICAL FITNESS: Improved strength, coordination, and general gross motor developmental skills are just a few areas that our classes will help develop.

CONFIDENCE: Your child will gain confidence as he or she attempts new challenges and masters old ones.

INDEPENDENCE: Your child will develop how to be responsible for themselves.

LOVE FOR LEARNING: Whether at school, at home or at TEG, learning should be full of excitement. We have taken that concept even further! With just the right balance of success and challenge, your child will discover that hard work is rewarding and that learning is fun!

We stand behind that TEG Recreation Program are more than just “Cartwheels” and your child will FLIP with EXCITEMENT that we are not just an ordinary gym.

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